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"Georgian Beer Company" was founded by the business group of Cezar Chochelli in 2011. This is the third group of beer and lemonade companies, established on the territory of Georgia. The 80 million investment project Zedazeni was implemented with 100% Georgian capital. Given that complexity of the market, enterprise project was really risky and daring business move, but after 8 months "Zedazeni" became a symbol of victory and success in the environment of Georgian Business. Exactly 8 months after the start of construction in an absolutely desolate place, the production of factories were waiting for the customer on the shelves along the entire trade network across the country.

The reason for choosing that very location was precisely its geographic position. Based on the multifaceted geological findings, the construction of the plant was decided right at the foot of Zedazeni hill, so that the unique patterns of underground water revealed and predicted the company’s future success. At a given stage, the company extracts water from its own squash from a depth of 150 meters. The company, with its concept, planning, production equipment and technologies, management systems and style, can be described as an innovation and a new word in the non-alcoholic beer production and beer industry across the region, as it is the only enterprise whose portfolio combines local and licensed beers, energy drinks, spring water, flavored water and iced tea.

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